How to improve the efficiency of the clinic during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The desire to increase professional and financial efficiency is a normal thing of dentistry professionals. At the same time, we all admit that doctors want to remain at no less than the same financial level or to grow up, not increasing the workload. One thing we can say for sure - no one strives to reduce their financial efficiency.

World and economy Financial instability, as well as the continuous high competition in the dental services market, whether we like it or not, affects the performance of clinics in general and doctors in particular. Discussing this circumstance, a reasonable question arises: do we really need to continuously increase their efficiency. There are two nuances.

Firstly, note, that in most cases efficiency depends not so much on external factors as on how the process of work in the clinic or a doctor's office is organized. Exactly, on how quickly new information spreads among the team, no matter how many of them there are, 3 or 300. This speed allows you to quickly implement innovations and bypasses dramatically changed external factors. For example, the sudden transition to partially remote work. 

Maybe for a small clinic, this situation is not dramatic. However, increasing efficiency and growth can’t work without increasing the staff and the accompanying scaling problems. You can read more about the speed increasing of the clinic's workflow staff using CRM here. (link)

The second nuance we’d rather formulate as a question. Is the organization of work and internal communication in the clinic built in such a way that the work will not stop when external conditions change? If you don’t know, just as yourself: whether your internal processes are designed so that employees can continue to prepare the necessary documentation outside the office, effectively communicate with each other, make calls and quickly find information about each patient? This problem most companies in the world have faced with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, some businesses, including dental companies, managed not only to maintain a stable position in the market but also to grow. Precisely because they were “properly” internally organized and ready for rapid changes.

Both points sounded seem to be mostly clear now. But, as usual, there is a big gap between awareness, knowledge, and action. 

Here are a few short conclusions on how to quickly increase the efficiency of the clinic and with no stress overcome any external changes based on our personal experience.

 - Information in the team should be disseminated quickly and centrally. No matter where: the group in telegram or slack. The main thing is to cultivate the habit of informing the team about the changes in time.

- The clinic must become an IT company. Very often it seems that a dental clinic is just a doctor in his office. Nowadays the situation has faced drastic changes. A clinic of any size, even with one office, must have accounts in social networks, websites, uses instant messengers, CRM, and many other digital products. Accordingly, those who quickly respond to requests from different sources automatically become more efficient. First come, first serve, you know.

- The most valuable resource is the team. You can't even imagine how many tasks a clinic administrator can do when their work is automated! It is a big mistake to think that your staff won’t figure out the new interface or it will take them loads of time. They will do it quickly if see value and motivation.

if you follow these three simple rules, you get a team that quickly understands what changes are coming and can quickly navigate what to do. Your team begins to multiply their efficiency by working together with the automated processes of programs and services. So well done! Now you are an IT company with an industry affiliation in the dental services industry. Increase your efficiency against the background of all other clinics that still do not understand what time they live in!