Professional usage of remote X-ray consultations

Today we are to open a new world of possibilities in modern technologies for some of you. But, like any new thing, not everyone will like it. To some it may feel right or wrong, but still, this issue is worth talking about. Nevertheless, we are all united by the general truth: things coming to our life tend to become a habit, but then get subsequently replaced by something new.


We are here now not for stating the truth or claiming the others, but to only share our personal experience, as well as in all our articles (if you haven’t read them, we highly recommend starting).


COVID-19 has accelerated the already rapidly gaining pace of informatization and constant ubiquitous digitization process. The pandemic forced even ardent opponents of modern technologies to become involved in Internet services.


Dentistry, like the medical industry, does not stand aside and faces great changes over the past few years as well. This became especially viable with the advent of neural networks solving routine tasks.


But, let's not stop now and get back to the very start. During the quarantine restrictions, many of us faced the fact of inability of personal attendance even despite the increasing request for treatment.


The world issued various responses: the countries, organizations, and global communities reacted differently to support the industry, no matter whether it is medicine or manufacturing.


Still, we believe that there's always a fly in the ointment, so we need to see the positive sides: any difficulties are actually a time of opportunities. Restrictive measures launched other global processes, namely, driving attention to remote patient consultation.


The habitual process of accepting and examining a patient with further treatment has dramatically transformed into stages. During the lockdown period, we decided to test the following hypothesis and the patient's reaction to it: what if we change the usual consultation process into two stages and let the patients take an X-ray image wherever they are?


No matter in which city or country. We thought that if we get their X-rays, we can immediately make a preliminary treatment plan, and at the same time fix all the main financial issues. So, if the patient is ready, we are ready to start treatment as soon as possible.


In other words, we have partially transformed our business into an online service that helps patients receive a quick answer to the very burning issue and key point of "how much does it cost to cure my teeth?" without leaving their houses!


Yes, more resources have been spent on the manager's work with each patient. We had to compile a database of places where our clients could take X-ray in different cities and countries; help with X-rays, uploading and sending. All we needed were phone, mail and messengers. That's simple! As a result, we received the same requests numbers as before COVID, moreover due to the changed approach lacking face-to-face consultations, we sorted the schedule far ahead.


We predict not all of you to be that optimistic with this solution as we are now: some will state that a remote consultation is pure nonsense, face-to-face is obligatory. And here we can’t agree more! But whether we like it or not, habits are gradually changing, as well as technologies are developing.


In our case we were forced to switch to a remote consultation system, and hopefully it worked! People turned out to be ready to purchase this service, even though the final cost after an in-person visit may change. Our main goal was not to give the most accurate prediction of treatment and cost, but to guide patients for the right problem solution.


Tested hypothesis resulted in a rapid increase of applications immediately after the end of lockdown, due to large projects with which we already had remote agreements. At the same time our competitors were waiting for financial support, and later, continued working, as a rule, starting with only urgent treatments.


So, it is safe to say that remote consultations are obviously gradually becoming the new norm. Assuming this, we need to accept the fact that our skills must be transformed, work processes customized and new services be connected. All these measures will lead us to convenient remote consultation service.


Our success inspired us to develop the idea of simplifying the process of uploading X-rays, choosing a doctor, and giving the doctor ready-made material to decrease treatment time.


We worked hard and managed to suddenly transform the future to a new reality. 


Just imagine! All you have to do now to get an independent doctors’ conclusion on your teeth state is to upload the X-ray to a website or app! In a couple of minutes you will receive a free document (no payments!) describing the current state of your oral cavity with indication of possible problems, as well as recommendations to which particular doctor you should consult next


Surprisingly, this whole process that takes place after the X-ray is uploaded is made not by a person, but by an artificial intelligence. Yes, you didn't misunderstand. To be precise, several neural networks process your image and form a human-readable result in the form of probabilities and recommendations. This is comparable to a doctor, who has consulted thousands of similar cases and based on them formed the result for you. Networks learn from thousands of results and experiences of millions of doctors.


See how quickly we moved from a forced pandemic measure to a service that already seems simple and understandable.


What do we have as a result? Now patients get the opportunity to quickly and easily upload the image, almost instantly receive the result of the current state of the teeth, store the images in one place and, and through the app make requests for a price offer from any doctor from all over the world without leaving home!


We are sure that time will pass and what now seems to be on the verge of fantasy will be the standard process of making an appointment with any dentist.


We believe that we will find like-minded people among our readers, who also want to try our product and make their business much happier! Very soon we will launch the service publicly and everybody will have the opportunity to try it. In the meantime, we invite you to apply for personal access and demo presentations.