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Health apps: new way for your better life

In a great struggle to access health care, mobile health apps or special AI technologies may be a helpful tool and a first step to seeking treatment. We have already spoken a lot  in the perevious posts on the way AI can simplify the process of dental treatment (but if you haven’t read them yet, we highly reccomend to!)

According to the study of Nick Drydakis, PhD from Anglia Ruskin University, “healthcare data which are analyzed by using AI techniques...have been found to achieve better patient education, prevention and checkup, diagnosis, medical predictive modeling, decision support, and treatment outcomes”.

However, we see our goal as not just giving access to a free primary treatment plan with AI, but developing an entire booking system that allows you to create your own health tourism programme. We see it as a cheap and comfortable way, with no stress, where you only need to choose the clinic, and we will pick up and offer the best price flight tickets, hotels, and entertainment activities. 

Just imagine! No stress, time, or effort from you. Just upload the needed info and get your perfect trip done! 

We believe that this is particularly important for several categories of our clients:
-for those, who are really busy and can’t make it themselves;
-for people after 60, who are not so proficient in IT and who have the most need in dental services.

Thus, we are here to help to solve this problem right now, although we are 100% sure that in 10 years' time the thing we are proposing today will be widely practiced worldwide.