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Where will dentistry be in 10 years and why it is vital to start thinking about it now?

What a pity we can't see the future! However, precise attention to current dental trends and issues gives us the possibility to predict potentially next logical steps in dentistry development.

The past decades have seen more and more technologies removing the need for human involvement. Many routine jobs are already replaced by artificial intelligence (AI) and this, in its way, affected long-term employment.

Probably, in the long run, namely, 50 years we would be worried about AI going obsolete, but we don’t feel this can be the problem: everything changes, as well as we do: we learn, adapt, grow. We must make the most of new technology and use it to our advantage. 
Another important thing that makes using technologies inevitable is the rapidly aging population. By 2030, nearly 20% of the worlds population will be 65 or older. This number is enormous, and in some countries could be one-fifth of the whole number of people living there. 

At the same time, the world has faced a deficit of doctors, and Medicare doesn’t cover routine dental care. That means that soon treatment won’t be available for everyone due to its expensiveness. Some patients are already struggling with this issue.

We believe that this problem can be solved! Our AI technologies help patients immediately get free primary dental treatment plan, as well as get offers from several doctors at a really low price. 

This saves time not only to customers, but also to doctors, who no longer waste their time on first consultations, but carry out complex medical procedures and thereby manage to help more people around. Joining us now you are supporting the technology of the future.