How does your phone number affect sales? Or where you are losing your money.

Seems to be not that obvious point, isn’t it?  How can your phone number possibly influence sales, it is just a number! Who cares for that? That’s what you’re thinking now, right? 

Today we are to share our experience on how important it is to understand the reason why you could not get through your patients. 

When it comes to working worldwide, in most cases, we deal with neighboring countries. It’s never clear enough from where a patient can come, so, to avoid incompatibilities, we always strive to translate all the info and materials into the respective languages. But the situation is not the same when it comes to phone numbers. Generally, there exist the only contact, used for calls within the home country. 

Let us tell you a case (the amazing one) on one of the dental clinics in Estonia. Since the clinic specializes in complex surgical treatment, their patients from different countries are willing to come for both reasons: in order to save money and to avoid queues in their home place. 

For quite a long time, the clinic shared a common experience, using one phone number and website with several language versions. Their advertising campaign covered about 12 countries, including the UK and Norway. 

After CRM implementation (read bout it here: Link), it became clear that there existed a noticeable percentage of 7% to 15% applications from various sources, which the clinic managers were unable to get through. 

Daily routine, where everything seems to work perfectly, does not always let us notice such little but vital details. This is a pure leak of money because each new patient's appeal has a cost, and not only the advertising budget but also the manager's time to call. 

We consider finding such leaks to be one of the most important tasks of the business team, and CRM can be a great help here and, definitely, an irreplaceable tool.  

Our intro research pointed out the target group, who were interested in treatment, but made the largest part clinics missed calls. These were people, who in principle do not pick up phones from foreign numbers. There may be hundreds of reasons for such behavior, including fear of scammers to highly expensive paid calls. The percentage of this differs from country to country but always exists. 

We found a simple and efficient solution very quickly: we made the clinic purchase additional phone numbers for the respective countries and set up outgoing calls so that the number of the corresponding country was substituted automatically. 

Cloud telephony now provides such an opportunity, and what is more, nowadays it is just one working day task! We implemented the Twilio communication platform, which allows making interconnections between the numbers from different countries, driving them to one personal account. 

The updated statistics showed a decrease in the percentage of missed calls to 5%. Yes, we did not reduce it to zero, but we didn’t aim to! There will always be a certain percentage of calls that remain “missed”. And that is absolutely ok! A 10% increase in successful calls in financial terms is an increase in the clinic's revenue by several tens of thousands of euros.