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Medical Tourism: why we should all turn to it?

Today we are to discuss the phenomena of medical tourism, also known as health tourism, surgical tourism, or medical travel, and that stands for international travel for the purpose of receiving medical care. 

It is becoming more and more popular and successful due to qualitative and quantitative shifts in patient mobility. Millions of people each year experience various types of it, traveling from richer to less-developed countries, due to the great number of pros. So here they are: 

Lower Costs
Medical tourists can help save from 25% to 90% in medical bills, depending on the procedure tourists get and the country they travel to. Inexpensive flights and increased marketing and online consumer information about the availability of medical services are as well extremely attractive in the issue of the economy.

Insurance Incentives
Recently many insurance companies have created special programmes, promoting medical tourism. So why not use it? 

Luxury and Privacy 
Most foreign hospitals are ready to offer spa-like luxury service for their clients, providing them the opportunity to be pampered during their stay for a relatively little cost compared to that they would pay at home.

Vacation in a Foreign Country 
Medical tourism is a perfect opportunity to combine solving health problems with the advantage of a stay in a new place and traveling for pleasure. 

Talented Doctors 
Doctors in certain countries are known for their talent in a specific area of medical treatment. For instance, our Estonian specialists are often touted for their strong dental implants and prosthodontics.

Taking everything pointed above into account, we highly offer to discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor or our managers, who are always ready to help you in arranging your perfect health trip that will balance financial savings with safety. 

In the next article we will speak about medical apps and how they can help everyone achieve better health outcomes, so don’t forget to follow for more!