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Connect services that make it easier to manage working processes: from storing patient data to profit forecasting and marketing
dental clinic
Take the time to patients
while we automate your
Patients have trouble finding free dates for appointments or can’t make it quick on the website, and lose interest even before the first visit or right after it
Sure you faced it as a dental clinic
There is mix-up in the dental offices schedule, as updates are manually proceeded, and team communication breakdowns
Clinic lacks patient management, which is carried out in one simple system, where at once there is everything: calendar, appointment reminder, case reports, X-rays, correspondence, visits info, recorded calls, and feedback
There is no online payment integration, payment forecast, automatic salary calculation, cost planning and structured workflow
Marketer struggles to identify most efficient advertising campaign, that can bring a stable customers flow, so that the company becomes more than a word-of-mouth
Clinic can't survive without its IT-department and pays a fortune to it
Make clinic processes manageable
Online appointment, relevant doctors schedule, case reports, phone notifications, recruitment
Financial control
Profit reports, revenue forecasts, salary and vacation pay planning
Efficiency tracking, building competitiveness, positioning, connecting social networks and messengers
Services turn the clinic into a unified system
to solve your problems
Patient data in CRM
Online appointment
Dial Exchange
Payment Methods
Social Networks
Ready-made Business Processes
Doctors' Schedule
X-ray Cloud Storage
Clinical progress
Corporate chat
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The story of our transformation from ordinary Estonian dentistry into a modern IT company that survived the pandemic
Unique solutions for clinics and doctors
Implanttihoito cooperation with Dentocean started from the first meet of the companies CEOs.Dmitry Filippenko, the head doctor of the Implanttihoito clinic, was in search of advertising and marketing specialist. Friends advised him to meet Ivan Osotov, CEO of Dentocean.
Complex optimization
of work tasks
Tell about your clinic
Right after we will discuss together all the workflows that you have, problems you have faced, and choose the right solution
Task Designing
At this stage we create the future system of processes based on services solving the problems of your clinic
Now we are ready to present our clinic programme.As aligned, we move on to the service integration
Here we optimize the clinic's workflows on ready-made solutions or program a separate service if others are not suitable
Teaching you how to work with the service
Showing you or your employees how to work with the service independently
We keep supporting you
Pay monthly for the tech support, the rest we commit ourselves
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Only we know the specifics of dental clinics services
"Dentocean" is a company that introduces advanced technologies in private healthcare
Reliable system
We are profs in connecting services with a cloud-based CRM system that stores all data confidentially and gives access from anywhere
There is no need to allocate a budget for additional employees - after training you can manage the service yourself
Customer service development
We simplify communication to attract and retain customers: appointments, alerts, phone calls
Price optimization
For each clinic we select cost-effective solutions for specific functions
Helping to make workflows convenient
Ivan Osotov
"The Dentocean business model was born quite spontaneously. Time and experience that we’ve gained, showed of remote work template that seemed to many of us unusual is the only correct one."
Damir Ilikov
Head of Marketing
"For me Dentocean is one of the companies that helps to develop, pump new skills and competencies.The company inspires to aim high and build systems in business.It's great experience to work in a big international team"
Elena Lipina
Sales manager
"Dentocean is, of course, people and our atmosphere.It may be hard to imagine, but the sales department may not be a sea of hungry sharks, but a team where everyone is ready to support each other.And it works."
Natalia Verbitskene
Head of Development
"At Dentocean I saw how a company can work based on advanced IT technologies.The ability to implement the plan increases multiple times! It motivates people. When the task is set properly and the right tools are avaliable, there is no unsolvable problem.Our employees can stay all across the world and cooperate freely."
Yana Tatarinova
Internet Marketer
"I have been with the company for more than three years and am proud that my work helps to make people healthier and have beautiful smiles.The company gives me the opportunity to constantly develop and have a stable income."

Alyona Margasova

Sales manager
"Dentocean is not just a job for me.First of all, it is stability and team coherence.Each employee is well aware of their job responsibilities and tasks, trying to perform them perfectly.Our team understands and supports each other, you can always ask for help and are guaranteed to get it.I love my job and enjoy it."
Vladislav Lopatin
Sales manager
"I started working for the company only a month ago, but I already realized that I am here for a long time.After six months of job searching, I finally found what I was looking for: helpful team, adequate guidance and mentoring, an useful interesting job specifics.I've come where I wanted to go.Moreover, I get enough sleep because I live 5 minutes from the office!"
Svetlana Shulyeva
Sales manager
"I have been working for our company for more than 2 years.During this time the world of medicine and dentistry in particular has opened up for me.I've never seen myself in this direction.The company has given me the knowledge that I sometimes use for my relatives - I advise them.Decent pay is a serious incentive to work better and more efficiently.But the situation when a person works only for money, in my opinion, is completely wrong.We spend most of our lives at work, so it should be definetely a joy."
Genghis Husnutdinov
Sales manager
"For me Dentocean is first of all, a well-coordinated team and a place for self-fulfillment, where every department and, in particular, a person does important work.We all strive for a common goal and do everything possible to realize our ideas.The company has great prospects, because everyone tries to bring something to the development.I love working here!Dentocean is a power!"
Olga Glukhova
Sales manager
"Dentocean is a great team, exiting challenges and quick solutions, technology, movement, development and the ability to communicate with people with a different worldview who speak other languages. Dentocean is new knowledge, my health (I’ve done my teeth in our clinic), planning and goals achievement. I love my job."
Daria Berezina
"For me, Dentocean is primarily a team. I watch it from the outside and I am inspired by the atmosphere and cohesion.The company does not have a corporate spirit in its standard sense: I do not just accept or set a task, but can discuss it with other team members to come up with how to perform it more effectively. We have done and doing so much, but we can do more and better."
Alexey Glukhov
Content manager
"As axakal Dentocean, who has worked almost since the beginning of this project, I can say that a lot has been changed.From a small team serving one implant doctor we turned into a company with Napoleonic plans to capture the Baltic and European dental services market.To be honest, at first I did not expect that a single doctor will be able o grow into a franchise with our and, of course, God's help.But, as the classics of marketing have rightly noted, hard work gives its results."
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