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Get free detailed dental

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Get free detailed dental analysis and a preliminary treatment plan

Choose the most suitable doctor for your needs and budget
Submit the form and receive a selection of experts in your Dentocean personal account
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Get an initial dental consultation from the comfort of your own house
Submit the form and get results in your Dentocean personal account
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Get an initial consultation without leaving home
Send the form, and we will contact you to find the best solution
Therapy with Dentocean is easy and cost-effective
Quick analysis
AI recognizes your X-ray and produces dental analysis, then sends email with the result the same day
Easy service
To apply simply upload your dental X-ray and choose the right specialist all across the world
Fair price
Initial free AI detailed assessment with a low price offers from various dentists
Freedom of choice
The service selects the doctors with different price offers, as well as experience and specifications
How does it work
There are several steps to get your best dental service price
2. AI processing result

You will see a PDF file with a preliminary report on the current condition of your teeth in your personal account
1. Image upload

Upload your panoramic dental image and contact information (panoramic dental image must be in JPG, PNG, TIFF format)
3. Get price offers

Order price offers from various dentists (you can order 1, 2 or 3 price offers with a preliminary treatment plan)
4. Order payment

Pay for your order with VISA / MasterCard
5. See notifications

You will receive an offer readiness notification in your email
6. Get ready-made price offer

A price offer from a doctor or clinic will appear in your personal account. It will contain the contact details of the doctor or clinic

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We believe that we can increase the availability and quality of dental services
Founder, CTO Ivan Osotov and developer Dina Kroumpane

"We truly believe that small projects can have a significant impact on business processes. We see a lot of injustice and inequality in access to services and believe that we can change this situation for the better."

Which dental image is right and which is not?

An x-ray of the upper and lower jaw (orthopantomogram or RPG) is suitable. The original must be used. Images are accepted in JPG, PNG or TIFF formats.

A photo scanned from paper or taken with a cell phone camera is not suitable. As well as an image that has any other damage or distortion.
If I have a dental image, but cannot upload it?
If the image is not uploaded, check your Internet connection, check the image format (JPG, PNG or TIFF), check the image size: usually 1 to 3 megabytes.
What do I get after I upload a photo and submit a request?
Within a few minutes, a PDF file with the results of your current dental condition and recommendations on which specialist should be contacted will be uploaded to the service's personal account.
Who will receive information on my dental image and my contact information?

Personal data is not transferred to third parties and companies, except for the data necessary to perform the service. This data includes: panoramic photo, name, date of birth, gender.

Which clinics and doctors send their proposals?
New doctors and clinics from different countries join us every day. The system automatically selects the most suitable doctor or clinic.
How quickly does a response come from a clinic or a doctor?
The request is sent instantly, the response speed depends on the clinic or doctor. The waiting period can take from 1 hour to several days. In case of a response delay, the application is forwarded to another clinic or another doctor.
Who is responsible for the accuracy of the prices in the offer?
The service is not responsible for the offer made by the doctor or clinic, including for the indicated amount.
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